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Retailer brand onion rings 800g



Frozen Veg

Indian Ready Meals

Traditional Ready Meals

Pickled Veg

Pies & Pasties

Chutney, Relish & Pickle

Italian Ready Meals

Frozen Desserts

Cous Cous & Grains

Onions & Leeks

Breadsticks & Dipping

Continental Meats

Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

Frozen Meals

Family Favourites

Flour & Suet

Fresh Pasta

Frozen Chips

Other Salad Items

Baking Ingredients

Speciality & Continental Cheese

Home stationery essentials

Cheddar & Regional

Chilled desserts

Tinned Vegetables

Burgers & Sausage



Cake Accessories & Decorations

Roasted, Salted & Flavoured Nuts

Frozen Pies

Houmous & Dips

Fresh Pork

Frozen Fruit

Fresh Beef

Bacon & Gammon

Fresh Soup





Sliced & Grated Cheese

Oils & Fats

Frozen Pastry & Bakery

Fresh Chicken

Meat, Fish & Poultry


Large Sharing Cakes

Fresh Lamb

Smoked Fish

Fresh Cream

Fresh Fish & Seafood

Frozen Pasties & Sausage Rolls

Chinese Ready Meals

Breaded & Prepared Fish

Sweet Muffins

Pork Pie, Sausage Roll & Savoury Snacks

Breaded Chicken

Longlife Juice

Sundried Tomatoes & Antipasti

Bin Liners

Part Baked


Soft Cheese

Fresh Turkey

Herbs, Spices & Seasonings

Fresh Pasta Sauces

Cotton Wool & Wipes

Baby Cotton Wool & Buds

Celebration Cake

Frozen Seafood

Sliced Beef

Sliced Chicken & Turkey

Stir Fry


Frozen Garlic Breads

Sliced Ham

Sharing Crisps & Snacks

Baby Milks from Birth

Tinned Soup

Vegetarian Soup

Quiche & Tarts

Yoghurt Drinks

Pasta Sauces & Bakes

Frozen Potato

Frozen Chips, Potatoes & Veg

Gravy & Stock

Granary & Seeded Bread

Tinned Meat, Pies & Savoury Spreads

Brown & Wholemeal Bread

White Bread

Sandwiches & Wraps

Stuffing & Breadcrumbs

Packet & Pour Over Sauce Mixes

Multipack Crisps


Half / Half Bread


Tortilla Chips & Dips


Toddler Milk

Microwave Rice

Multipack Snacks

Frozen Burger & Sausage

Baby Milks from 6+ months

Chinese Cooking & Sauces

Packet and Pot Ready Meals


Frozen Meat Alternatives


Frozen Fish in Sauce

Baby Milks from 12+ months

Garlic Bread

Dishwasher Cleaner, Salt & Rinse Aid

Autosprays & Refills

Sharing Pouches

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