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Curry craziness bundle




Herbs, Spices & Seasonings

Packet and Pot Ready Meals

Chinese Cooking & Sauces

Frozen Meals

Indian Cooking, Sauces & Accompaniments

Thai Cooking & Sauces

Microwave Rice

Packet & Pour Over Sauce Mixes


Chinese Ready Meals

Frozen Chips

Frozen Chips, Potatoes & Veg

Luxury Ice Cream

Frozen Ice Cream & Desserts

Frozen Pizza

Frozen Pizza & Bread

Frozen Ready Meals

Frozen Pies

Frozen Pies & Pasties

Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy Drinks & Cola

Frozen Seafood

Frozen Fish & Seafood

Individually Wrapped Cakes

Cakes, Slices & Sweet Pies

Burgers & Sandwiches

Ready Meals

Frozen Potato

Energy & Stimulant Drinks

Sports & Energy Drinks

Large Sharing Cakes

Tinned Soup

Tins, Cans & Packets

Vegetarian Soup

Chocolates & Sweets

Meat Snacks

Cooked Meats & Deli

Fresh Beef

Meat, Fish & Poultry

Multipack Snacks

Crisps, Snacks & Popcorn

Tortilla Chips & Dips

BBQ, Chilli & Marinades

Table Sauces, Marinades & Dressings

Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

Roasted, Salted & Flavoured Nuts

Snack Bars

Vegan & Vegetarian Snacks



Meat Alternatives

Sharing Pouches

Fresh Fish & Seafood

Tinned Meat, Pies & Savoury Spreads

Funsize Chocolate


Sharing Crisps & Snacks


Fresh Chicken

Multipack Crisps

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