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Earn £££'s Driving or Riding for Beelivery

Do you have a car or bike plus an Android phone or iPhone?
If so, you can drive for Beelivery.

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delivery driver jobs How it Works

Do you want to earn money delivering items from your nearby convenience store?

Customer can order from 1000 typical convenience store products.  We then send a message to nearby Beelivery drivers (this could be you), and ask if you would like to accept or reject the delivery job. If you accept the job you will have 90 minutes to call at your nearest convenience store, buy the items and deliver to the customer. The average order is £10-£20 which you are reimbursed for the following day after a completed delivery, PLUS the relevant delivery payment which is usually around £7-£20 (this is your profit). The customer will then rate your service. This score may affect how many jobs we send you in the future.

driver jobs Requirements

To be a Beelivery Driver you must take pride in delivering excellent customer service. You must own an Android smartphone or iPhone; be over 18, own a bike, car, scooter or motorcycle; and have a friendly, positive attitude.

driving jobs Rates of Pay

You will be paid on a per delivery basis; this usually ranges between £7 - £20 depending on the distance travelled and the size of the order.  If the customer is nearby, it is possible to complete the delivery in less than half an hour.

job Hours

You choose your own. You will be sent nearby delivery jobs in your area, which you can then choose to accept or reject depending on whether you are available to carry out that particular delivery job. If you reject the job it will then be sent to another Beelivery driver. Regularly accepting jobs and delivering excellent customer service within 90 minutes means that you will be sent more jobs in the future.

delivery driverWho can apply?

Beelivery drivers range from students, Uber drivers and local parents who want to earn some extra cash to professional couriers and taxi drivers. As long as you are a positive, upbeat person who can deliver within 90 minutes, we want you to join the Beelivery team!

uk jobsSign me up!

You can sign up at the top of this page. Once you have signed up, you will then be directed through to the Drive Hub where you can download the Beelivery app and see details instructions. While the app is installed, you will receive notifications of any freelance driving invites in your area. You don't need to check - we'll message you.