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We Deliver Local Limited Customer Terms

‘We Deliver Local’ and ‘Beelivery’ are trade names of We Deliver Local Ltd.

Customer Agreement

Our agreement with you is solely in relation to the provision of software to enable you to order a delivery and only becomes binding on us when a delivery driver agrees to deliver your order and enters into a contract with you on the terms of a Delivery Agreement between you and the driver. The terms of the Delivery Agreement are here.

We are not responsible for the delivery driver who makes the delivery to you, nor for the items that he/she delivers. However, we do take all reasonable steps to ensure that you are happy with the service that the delivery driver provides to you.

After you order, we attempt to find a driver who can purchase the items that you have ordered on your behalf and to deliver them to you. By placing an order, you agree that we can share your personal details (including location and phone number) with nearby drivers. We cannot guarantee delivery and if we cannot find a driver within 40 minutes of the time that you place your order, we will cancel the order and send you an email or text message notifying you of cancellation.

We use your card details to pre-authorise payment for your items. Payment is then taken by us on delivery by the driver. By providing the PIN number that we have given you to a driver, you will confirm receipt of the delivery.

You have the option to select anything from same day delivery to delivery up to two weeks in advance.

You can cancel an order by contacting us at any time up until (but not including) the day of delivery.

If you cannot resolve a complaint with a driver to your satisfaction, you may contact us and we will assist in finding a resolution.